279- Words and Stories Hold Deeper Meaning that You can Access (Free)

Date: December 20, 2020

Every single religion I have studied provides a surface narrative which is only a starting point designed to weed out those who will go no deeper. Literal concepts in these scriptures are the most basic source of information usually delivered as story, allegory, parable, metaphor and tradition. The deeper meaning is hidden in words and language that, in the past, required initiation to comprehend. This, in turn, created the idea of masses (commoners) and the learned Priest Class who hoarded knowing. Luckily, as we head into the era of knowing we now have the ability to access this hidden knowledge without initiation, though without it, who knows how deep it may go? Lastly, every religious tradition in this world that is old is tied to the Skyclock without exception. All are tied to this common foundation of the creation.

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