090 Hey Eugene, Let’s Address Eugenics & the Idea of Being Well Born (Free)

    The idea of eugenics is little different than the way animals are treated at dog pounds. Treating animals in this way is often shameful which shows the un-defendable practice that is eugenics. This practice went unopposed until 1979 in the US and was even backed by the Supreme Court. Justice (Just-us) anyone?

069 Hell’s Bells R Ringing – 1984, Brave New World & Animal Farm Show the Way (Free)

    Animal Farm, Brave New World & 1984 were all written for a reason in my view. They are pre-echoes of the coming times and also a blueprint of the methods being used. These books probably also serve as a warning seeking tacit permission from those who do not take action. Orwellian times are (more…)