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Date: March 29, 2018

When we see Hollywood, movies, broadcasting, pro sports, politics, book publishing or a million person audience associated with information, we should look for truth somewhere else. Common sense, grass roots and logic are all we need to seek valid information – and – the “ring” of truth.

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8 Comments so far.

  1. gurudave says:

    Shame on the two of you for your crass, uneducated remarks about David Icke and Terence McKenna. The suggestion that Icke is in it for the money, that he’s some kind of stooge, and that “common sense” tells us there are no shape-shifting reptilians! Really? What insulting, ill-considered nonsense. Research the man, properly. No, not Wikipedia!

    Same with McKenna. You admit you know nothing about the man and then dismiss him because you’d heard he predicted the world would end in 2012. HE DIDN’T. Then you criticize the use of entheogenic plants, displaying a level of ignorance that suggests a total lack of even the most perfunctory research. Might I suggest you study the work of Terence McKenna before embarrassing yourself like this future? I suspect you will discover you are unworthy to even entertain the notion that you might one day walk in his shadow.

    In closing: if this podcast were the first I’d listened to, it would also be the last. The two of you have done excellent shows, but this recent offering is not one of them. Lazy preparation and scattershot slagging off of everyone around you does you no credit.

    It’s about integrity. Your integrity. And a reason for people to listen. I suggest you look to it.

    1. Crow says:

      I am sorry but reptillians and other controlled broadcast nonsense is what it is. Again, everything said on this podcast should be challenged and by the way there is no shame in challenging which is what we did here

  2. undergroundinformationexchange says:

    Maybe your “background” formula may be a little off here. I’ve heard you say countless times on previous episodes that serious endeavors NEVER cross into entertainment. Yet a movie is in the works. I also believe you’ve reverenced your time in the music entertainment industry. You also state that you were in the military, giving you ties to the government. As well as the guff you’ve stated you received over your categorization of the moon as a hologram, due to lack of terminology, it could be argued that you have “nonsensical” ideas.
    Just saying that broad sweeping categorizations rarely prove dependable.

    1. Crow says:

      In the music industry as a “freelance” worker I learned the truth. To be fair this movie is no Hollywood endeavor but will simply attempt to preserve footage and statements from those who were there. Hardly industry related to say the least. And lastly – challenge everything and what is said here is included.

  3. Chrono643 says:

    I use to be a huge fan of David Icke, He was able to bring me to a certain point for sure and I beleive its good what he does. After years though I’ve come to agree with Croww on this one. The kicker for me was Icke bases alot of what he’s trying to portait on the Heliocentric Model. When that model is challenged (takes a decent amount of effort) then lots fall apart. The thing for me is Icke seems to be open to challenge everything except for that model we’re all taught as if he can or is only allowed to take people so far. It seems someone is pulling his strings

  4. Crow says:

    Did we just lose a ton of comments here?

  5. undergroundinformationexchange says:

    Last night there were 50+ comments… Editors be editing..🙊

  6. apple1 says:

    All the comments are there. You just have to be logged in to see them. I don’t think they’re being edited or lost. If you click on Free Episodes and comments without being signed in, you’ll see 7-8. If you sign in normally and go to Full Episodes, you’ll see 60+ comments but not these ones that are under free episodes.