103 Are there Rings around Saturn or this World? (Free)

Date: April 12, 2018

Saturnian energies, influences and possibilities are based in restriction, selfishness, control and many other confining ideas.   Power aligned with these forces will bring censorship and ultimately a police state and let’s not forget the blocking of higher minds. What happens next is up to us. How many will stand up for freedom?

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  1. 7Daniel7 says:

    May I note the Self-evident discovery and destruction the effects of a misdiagnosis of confusion diverting the gift of a Beautiful Mind Divinely chosen 4 this human. Schizophrenia was placed upon the crown of my head. A language term designed to darken the Light of the mind within I. Being appealed to the Creator, in trusting faith, led 2 restored Fruits of the Spirit 4 My Spirit, Soul, Body, Mind, and My Life Eternal – past, present, and future: All healing due to the work of the sacrifice of Christ Jesus for Mankind’s sin, including Me, I Am. True Faith, a sacred gift, is available to every One, including All of Us, from the Heavenly Throne above.