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269- The Meaning and Quality of Color as a Window to Knowing (Free)



When looking at a flower we can know that color, form and aroma are all due to vibration rates. How is it that we temporarily lost the vast knowing that can be had from a simple glance at a flower? Or for that matter anything of color and form? From color alone one can grasp, gender, polarity and vibration rate. These things in turn can be applied to ideas of health and so much more. The temporarily lost art of cymatics was once used to further this knowing, allowing for scientific achievement in lock step with nature. The color of a thing is its vibration rate and to change a color is to change the rate of vibration and its qualities. Natural color belongs to the creation and synthetic color to that which is not in-step with nature. Knowing this might make one consider what vibration rate is being added to synthetically colored foods. Does the color of that candy or chip occur in the natural world?

It has been asked: Are not flowers the stars of the earth, and are not our stars the flowers of heaven? So I will ask: What can be learned from the earthly stars in your backyard that are bound, as are we all, by natural law?