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083 The Coming 5G Networks & A.I. – Point of no Natural Return (Free)

Date: November 24, 2017

By the early 2020s it is likely robots and AI will be able to do the jobs of most humans. The coming 5G networks will be the infrastructure for this future. The RF frequency of 5G may be very bad for human, plant & animal cells and our natural world – soon to disappear in […]

Crrow777 YT Terminated Because of Lunar Wave #ModernDayBookBurning

Date: November 20, 2017

Crrow777 channel on YT was terminated on 11/19 due to a lunar wave clip. Freedom of speech is dying. Four years of non-stop telescopic observation were destroyed by YT and made unavailable to the world at large. Digital darkness is here. Natural Human Rights are being destroyed – freedom of speech, thought and expression.